What is Google Daydream for VR and Why Is It Hot?

Virtual reality has been expanding at an exponential rate as of late. One of the top companies taking an active role within the VR sphere is Google, alongside other tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft. However, that’s not to say that it is just breaking ground in VR. Google is by no means a novice within the virtual reality spectrum. In fact, it has already established itself - quite firmly we might add- by providing millions of users with a device which essentially turns any smartphone in VR device aka the Google Cardboard headset.

10 Real World Examples of AR Marketing Success

One of the biggest impacts AR has made in the commercial sector is in marketing and advertising. Augmented reality marketing was nearly unheard of 5 years ago, and today is de rigeur among huge organizations and tiny mom-and-pop shops alike.

5 Reasons Augmented Education is Sweeping the EdTech World

Augmented reality education is a hot topic in the EdTech (educational technology) conversation. It’s no secret why. The research shows that AR is increasingly relevant in today’s technological landscape. Both it and virtual reality are quickly entrenching themselves in the modern educator’s toolbox. This happens just as they are becoming a regular part of students’ daily lives at home with the incredible popularity of Pokémon Go and other AR applications.

2 Design Approaches to Building Augmented Reality Apps

Virtual reality and augmented reality development brought investments to the tune of $2 billion from July 2015 – July 2016, according to industry analysts Digi-Capital. Venture capital firms like the VR Venture Capital Alliance, which currently holds over $12 billion in deployable capital, continue to bear out AR and VR as far more than just another tech fad. Augmented reality design is big business, and will only grow as time goes on.

Virtual Reality Set to Supercharge the Automotive Industry

As the purveyors of a high ticket item, automotive manufacturers and retailers have always been more than happy to experiment with new technology in the pursuit of profit. Today’s car buyers are more savvy and more careful than ever before, and virtual reality is the most recent tool being used to keep cars rolling off the line and into consumers’ driveways.

How Will Virtual Reality Transform Interaction?

From complex training scenarios to understanding human empathy, Virtual Reality will not only fundamentally change the way in which we interact with one another, but also how we interact with computers.

The Future of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

We are on the cusp of a massive shift in how technology impacts the way we live, work, and play. Big business disruption is coming, and at the heart of it will be virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

A Brief Look at the Different Kinds of Virtual Reality

Assuming you haven’t been comfortably living under a rock for the past few years, you will be well aware of the technological and cultural phenomenon called Virtual Reality (VR).

Why It’s Smart to Invest in Virtual Reality

Although the road certainly had some stumbling blocks and potholes, technology market analysts can now say with confidence that virtual reality is here to stay. VR has not only captured the public imagination with the pure wonder and delight of entering the digital world, it shows real promise to change the world for the better with its countless (and lucrative!) applications to industries ranging from manufacturing to medicine. At long last, the question has changed from whether VR is worth investment, to how to invest in virtual reality.