Virtual Reality Sensors

The Most Important Virtual Reality Sensors and Why They Matter

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Not so long ago we’d be sitting on buses or in boring meetings twiddling our thumbs. These days, our thumbs are a little busier thanks to our ever present companion, the smartphone.

Walking in Virtual Reality

The Way We Walk in Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality allows us to enjoy new, immersive experiences – we could be world-class runners, footballers or even soldiers serving in a special military unit. To fully become immersed in these experiences, the VR equipment should cover our entire body and all of our senses. There have been many advances in these fields; in this article, we will focus on walking in VR, and the upcoming gadgets which enable us to transmit our real-world leg movements into the virtual world.

Virtual Reality Motion Tracking

A Brief Guide to VR Motion Tracking Technology

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Entering a virtual environment without using motion tracking technology really doesn’t bear thinking about. You see, motion tracking, which is the digitizing of movement so as to be used by computers, is vitally important for creating a top quality Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality Interaction

How Will Virtual Reality Transform Interaction?

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From complex training scenarios to understanding human empathy, Virtual Reality will not only fundamentally change the way in which we interact with one another, but also how we interact with computers.

Guesture recognition technology for Virtual Reality

Gesture Recognition and Its Importance in VR

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In the current era, there exist, not one but several interfaces that have created intuitive and natural ways of human-computer communication. With the increase in computational developments and technical knowledge, the concept of interaction between mechanical devices and humans has enriched exponentially and given way to very sophisticated technologies.

5 Virtual Reality Components

5 Key Components of Virtual Reality Systems

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Virtual and Augmented realities are the two hottest trends of the tech-industry in today’s date and time. Regarding creative technology, Virtual Reality takes the cake.

VR Development Best Practices

Best Practices for VR Development: the Art of Integration

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The world of Virtual Reality has seen an exponential change within the past few months. According to the latest reports, almost $1.2 billion has been invested in the industry in the first quarter of 2016 alone. With such a phenomenal rise in the industry numbers so early in the year, great things are expected for VR/AR in the coming months.