Samsung Gear VR Business Uses

7 Ways Samsung Gear VR Is Transforming Business

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The VR market is heating up, with projected revenue expected to top $120 billion by 2020. Fueled by advances in both software and hardware, virtual reality, it seems, is finally ready to invade mainstream consumer markets — and I don’t  just mean the gaming sector.

Samsung Gear VR App Development

Why Top Developers Are Targeting the Samsung Gear VR

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In the race for mobile VR market share, the Samsung Gear VR has situated itself comfortably ahead of the pack. With 2016 sales exceeding both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the demand for Samsung Gear VR app development provides a rare opportunity for developers.

Virtual Reality Gaming Trends 2017

7 VR Gaming Trends Shaping 2017 And Beyond

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The virtual reality gaming market is slated to top $45.09 billion by 2025. The lucrative VR gaming market will provide unfathomed opportunities for the developer willing to support the revolution, rather than reading about it in the news.

Virtual Reality Trends for 2017

15 Virtual Reality Trends We’re Predicting for 2017

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2016 is fast drawing to a close. And while many will be glad to see the back of it, for those of us who work and play with Virtual Reality, it has been a most exciting year.

Google Daydream - Virtual reality for the masses

Why is Google Daydream the Beginning of Mass Market VR?

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Although it was just announced a short time ago at the 2016 Made by Google event, the new Daydream VR platform is already making big waves in the tech industry. The Daydream View head-mounted display, along with the Pixel phones that fit it, represent a radical shift in design philosophy for Google.

What is Google Daydream for VR

What is Google Daydream for VR and Why Is It Hot?

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Virtual reality has been expanding at an exponential rate as of late. One of the top companies taking an active role within the VR sphere is Google, alongside other tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft. However, that’s not to say that it is just breaking ground in VR. Google is by no means a novice within the virtual reality spectrum. In fact, it has already established itself - quite firmly we might add- by providing millions of users with a device which essentially turns any smartphone in VR device aka the Google Cardboard headset.

What are the Types Of Virtual Reality

A Brief Look at the Different Kinds of Virtual Reality

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Assuming you haven’t been comfortably living under a rock for the past few years, you will be well aware of the technological and cultural phenomenon called Virtual Reality (VR).

How to create your own Virtual Reality Game

How to Create Your Own Virtual Reality Game

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Virtual reality gaming may seem like it belongs to the realms of science fiction, but the truth is you’re now closer than ever to pulling on a virtual reality headset in your own home and escaping into an immersive world of zombies, dragons or car chases thanks to the massive strides in VR development.

Virtual Reality therapy solutions

6 Greatest Examples of Virtual Reality Therapy

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Virtual Reality is the latest consumer technology to reach a critical mass in the public eye. Well-known media and retail institutions from the Today Show to IKEA have embraced VR. What many people might not know is that the technology has been in use for quite some time in a more noble pursuit. Virtual reality therapy was one of the first applications of VR, and it’s only becoming more effective as technology advances.