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Hire Apple ARKit Developers

5 Golden Rules for Hiring ARKit Developers

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Mainstream augmented reality is almost upon us, thanks to Apple ARKit. Developers are lining up around the block to take advantage of the technology and the mass market it brings.

Apple ARKit healthcare applications

Will ARKit Lead a HealthTech Revolution?

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It could be argued that Apple does not make new things, it just takes things others have invented and then makes them better than anyone else does. IMB created Windows, Apple created the Mac. IBM created the first smartphone, and Apple created the iPhone. In 1968, Ivan Southerland invented the first VR and AR headsets. With the 2017 release of ARKit, Apple stakes claim to “the largest AR platform in the world.”

How to build AR app for iPhone with ARKit

How to Make an Augmented Reality iPhone App Using ARKit

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As we mentioned in an earlier article, Apple has long-promised to make a major splash in the AR market. With the recent release of the Apple augmented reality developer framework, ARKit, consider the market properly splashed.

ARKit - Augmented Reality will be Huge

Apple ARKit: 11 Facts, Thoughts, and Conclusions

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At the recent WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in California, Apple announced a tool called ARKit, which has been designed to provide advanced Augmented Reality (AR) features and capabilities on iOS.