Augmented reality for indoor navigation

4 Reasons Developers are Thrilled for Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

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Here in the middle of 2017, the biggest players in tech continue to rapidly develop consumer-grade augmented reality. Apple’s ARKit is about to release, bringing AR to millions of new users. Google continues its steady march forward with Project Tango, and specialized solutions like Pointr are finding their niche.

Augmented Reality Business Ideas and Opportunities

10 Business Ideas for Apple Augmented Reality

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Apple’s long-awaited entry into AR became a reality when Apple revealed its AR development platform ARKit, at the 2017 World Wide Developer’s Conference.

Augmented reality and autonomous driving

This is why AR and Autonomous Driving are the Future of Cars

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It’s a great time to be a car tech enthusiast. Disrupters and major manufacturers alike are racing headlong to deploy cars that literally drive themselves. That’s exciting enough, but the best is yet to come.

How to build AR app for iPhone with ARKit

How to Make an Augmented Reality iPhone App Using ARKit

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As we mentioned in an earlier article, Apple has long-promised to make a major splash in the AR market. With the recent release of the Apple augmented reality developer framework, ARKit, consider the market properly splashed.

Unreal Game Developers for Hire

7 Golden Rules for Hiring Unreal Game Developers

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Following the 2016 successful launch of Lineage II: Revolution in its native South Korea, Netmarble Games released a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) version to the global market in May of 2017. It earned $176,000,000 (USD) the first month.

Samsung Gear VR Business Uses

7 Ways Samsung Gear VR Is Transforming Business

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The VR market is heating up, with projected revenue expected to top $120 billion by 2020. Fueled by advances in both software and hardware, virtual reality, it seems, is finally ready to invade mainstream consumer markets — and I don’t  just mean the gaming sector.

VRLA Keynote - 5 Things I Learned from John Riccitiello

5 Conclusions From John Riccitiello VRLA 2017 Keynote on VR

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John Riccitiello is the CEO of Unity Technologies, one of the world’s leading game engines (valued at $1.5 billion). Prior to heading up Unity, he acted as CEO of gaming pioneer, Electronic Arts. It is safe to say that, when John Riccitiello speaks about the future of AR and VR, people listen.

Samsung Gear VR App Development

Why Top Developers Are Targeting the Samsung Gear VR

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In the race for mobile VR market share, the Samsung Gear VR has situated itself comfortably ahead of the pack. With 2016 sales exceeding both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the demand for Samsung Gear VR app development provides a rare opportunity for developers.

Virutal Reality M&A

Virtual Reality M&A Trend Creates Low-Hanging Fruit

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Digi-Capital just published their VR/AR M&A report. Fascinating stuff, really.