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Virtual Reality App Development Costs Explained

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a VR App?

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The virtual reality market is projected to reach $30 billion by 2020. While tech giants and gaming power houses may very well dominate the field, startups by the score will no doubt seize their fair share of market revenue. However, before sales, before marketing, before development must come the question: How much does virtual reality development cost?

How to make your Google Daydream VR application

How to Make a VR App for Google Daydream

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Even though Google’s Cardboard has been around for 2 years, it didn’t really take off as a huge virtual reality platform, mainly due to its simplicity. It is capable of turning any phone into a basic VR viewer and is very affordable. But it lacks more advanced features, such as good control methods for apps and games.

Virtual Reality Travel - VR can show you the world

VR Travel: Virtual Reality Can Show You The World

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Virtual reality has been a part of science fiction for some time, offering a tantalizing view of what could be done with the right technology. Science has finally caught up with fiction, and Virtual Reality is now just plain old reality. Many industries are recognizing the potential of VR to revolutionize their business practice, and chief among these is the travel industry.

Best Virtual Reality Startups in 2017

15 Best Virtual Reality Startups to Watch in 2017

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Virtual Reality (VR), which uses state of the art motion sensing and speech recognition software to immerse users in a digital experience, is probably one of the most anticipated technologies currently approaching the market. Because a VR system uses much of the same hardware as mobile devices, it’s easy for Virtual Reality startups to come up with products using tools that they are already familiar with.

How to Make VR Apps

How to Build a Successful Virtual Reality App?

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No longer consigned to the world of science fiction, virtual reality is starting to look more and more like science fact. It’s only a matter of time before commercially available hardware such as HTC's Vive and the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift become the most anticipated and sought after tech since Sony and Microsoft went head-to-head in the next-gen console wars of 2013.

Virtual Reality for Education and Training

Virtual Reality in Education and Training

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two of the hottest technology trends in development right now. Though  its most visible commercial applications are in the realm of gaming, there are a wealth of companies testing the waters for virtual reality in education for a myriad of ‘serious’ uses. Its potential has already been well exploited in situations such as aviation and flight training, healthcare and medicine, policing and military exercises, but with increasing urgency for practical experiences in education as well as these highly specialized fields, the demand is dictating the future.

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Virtual Reality for Medicine: a Game Changing Technology

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Many industries have come on leaps and bounds thanks to great technological advancement, but none more so than the medical industry. Diagnostic medicine, surgical procedures, and even patient administration have all been fundamentally transformed thanks to new technologies.