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What are the Types Of Virtual Reality

A Brief Look at the Different Kinds of Virtual Reality

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Assuming you haven’t been comfortably living under a rock for the past few years, you will be well aware of the technological and cultural phenomenon called Virtual Reality (VR).

What is Virtual Reality and How It Works

What is Virtual Reality and How Does it Work?

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It was long considered to be consigned to the realms of science fiction, but today virtual reality (VR) is close to becoming something of an everyday reality. Science fact, if you will.

Virtual Reality therapy solutions

6 Greatest Examples of Virtual Reality Therapy

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Virtual Reality is the latest consumer technology to reach a critical mass in the public eye. Well-known media and retail institutions from the Today Show to IKEA have embraced VR. What many people might not know is that the technology has been in use for quite some time in a more noble pursuit. Virtual reality therapy was one of the first applications of VR, and it’s only becoming more effective as technology advances.

Virtual Reality for Education and Training

Virtual Reality in Education and Training

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two of the hottest technology trends in development right now. Though  its most visible commercial applications are in the realm of gaming, there are a wealth of companies testing the waters for virtual reality in education for a myriad of ‘serious’ uses. Its potential has already been well exploited in situations such as aviation and flight training, healthcare and medicine, policing and military exercises, but with increasing urgency for practical experiences in education as well as these highly specialized fields, the demand is dictating the future.

Virtual Reality Business

10 Virtual Reality Business Opportunities Poised to Explode

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Seldom has the road to fame and fortune been so well paved as it is for those who will drive the VR revolution. The signs are all there. The direction is clear. A prosperous journey is nearly assured. All that is needed is a new generation of innovators to chart the course. A wealth of virtual reality business opportunities lie just ahead for those willing to do so.