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ARKit - Augmented Reality will be Huge

Apple ARKit: 11 Facts, Thoughts, and Conclusions

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At the recent WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in California, Apple announced a tool called ARKit, which has been designed to provide advanced Augmented Reality (AR) features and capabilities on iOS.

Marker-Based Augmented Reality and Markerless AR

Markerless vs. Marker Based Augmented Reality

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Completely revolutionizing the digital spectrum, Augmented Reality integrates a user’s surrounding environment with a digitized live image or picture in real time producing a spectacular virtual result.

Virtual Reality Advertising Campaigns

7 Fantastically Creative Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns

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Even before the release of Pokémon GO, augmented reality was a term on the tip of everyone’s tongue. AR combines the futuristic flash of virtual reality with a high degree of accessibility, as AR apps are typically based on smartphones rather than dedicated gear.

Augmented Reality App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AR App?

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The mixed reality industry is likely to be by far the most profitable industry for this decade. The former is a statement that’s been repeated and re-said countless times over the past couple years. However, now the projected numbers wholly support the claim.

How Location-Based Augmented Reality works

The Unchartered Potential of Location-Based Augmented Reality

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Seamlessly blending reality with computer-generated graphics and animations, augmented reality is the technology which has enabled a real-time interaction between the virtual and the real. AR is the live view of the everyday surroundings supplemented by digitized media via various highly advanced computer techniques. In contrast to virtual reality, which is often the figment of one’s imagination brought to virtual life, AR is the enhancement of an individual perception of reality.

Make your own pokemon game

How to Make Your Own Pokemon Game

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It’s taking the world by storm, again. Pokémon, a staple of mid-to-late nineties culture, has returned with a bang.

Whereas previously these incredibly popular little monsters were collected via playing cards, and latterly handheld computer game systems such as the GameBoy and Nintendo DS, they have now made the rather logical leap onto your smartphone.

Augmented Reality in Retail and Shopping

How Augmented Reality Benefits Retail and Shopping

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The technological world is changing fast, and as ever, retailers and marketers are doing their best to keep up. More and more, harnessing new tech innovations to provide the best shopping experience is key to success in the retail industry. One buzzword that has risen to the top lately is augmented reality shopping, but not everyone is clear on just what that means.

Augmented Reality books

10 Augmented Reality Books That Will Blow Your Kid’s Mind

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Augmented reality is a swiftly growing field not only in entertainment, but in education. Augmented reality books are one subset of that field which offer a huge range of opportunities for new development of entertainment and educational models.