VR Technology

Virtual Reality Trends for 2017

15 Virtual Reality Trends We’re Predicting for 2017

2016 is fast drawing to a close. And while many will be glad to see the back of it, for those of us who work and play with Virtual Reality, it has been a most exciting year.

Virutal Reality in the Military

Virtual Reality Uses in the Military

Virtual reality is a term that describes the technological mimicry of the real and imaginative worlds in a computerized, interactive environment. VR is a completely immersive, all-encompassing visual and sound-based experience for its audiences.

Virtual Reality Sensors

The Most Important Virtual Reality Sensors and Why They Matter

Not so long ago we’d be sitting on buses or in boring meetings twiddling our thumbs. These days, our thumbs are a little busier thanks to our ever present companion, the smartphone.

Walking in Virtual Reality

The Way We Walk in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows us to enjoy new, immersive experiences – we could be world-class runners, footballers or even soldiers serving in a special military unit. To fully become immersed in these experiences, the VR equipment should cover our entire body and all of our senses. There have been many advances in these fields; in this article, we will focus on walking in VR, and the upcoming gadgets which enable us to transmit our real-world leg movements into the virtual world.

How to Make Money With Google Daydream App

How to Make Money with a Google Daydream VR App

The official launch of Google Daydream is imminent. And with such a game changing platform nearing ever closer to being made available on such a grand scale, many developers will now be asking themselves “how can I start making money with Daydream VR Apps?

How to make a VR game for Google Daydream

How to Make a VR Game for Google Daydream

Virtual reality platforms pose a new challenge for game developers, but they are also an amazing opportunity to deliver new and exciting experiences to players. When compared to high-end desktop offerings such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, mobile VR platforms for Android might seem a little lackluster, but Google’s Daydream platform was made with the goal of providing accessible, high-quality and comfortable mobile VR.

Virtual Reality Motion Tracking

A Brief Guide to VR Motion Tracking Technology

Entering a virtual environment without using motion tracking technology really doesn’t bear thinking about. You see, motion tracking, which is the digitizing of movement so as to be used by computers, is vitally important for creating a top quality Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality Social Network - Social VR

Virtual Reality in Social Media: Introducing Next Level Networking

The $2bn Facebook paid for Oculus in 2014 certainly raised a few eyebrows at the time. Many wondered why the world’s biggest and most popular social network wanted to own a virtual reality company that specialized in single-user experiences - the antithesis of social media, which is fundamentally about sharing experiences with others.

How to make your Google Daydream VR application

How to Make a VR App for Google Daydream

Even though Google’s Cardboard has been around for 2 years, it didn’t really take off as a huge virtual reality platform, mainly due to its simplicity. It is capable of turning any phone into a basic VR viewer and is very affordable. But it lacks more advanced features, such as good control methods for apps and games.

What is Google Daydream for VR

What is Google Daydream for VR and Why Is It Hot?

Virtual reality has been expanding at an exponential rate as of late. One of the top companies taking an active role within the VR sphere is Google, alongside other tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft. However, that’s not to say that it is just breaking ground in VR. Google is by no means a novice within the virtual reality spectrum. In fact, it has already established itself - quite firmly we might add- by providing millions of users with a device which essentially turns any smartphone in VR device aka the Google Cardboard headset.