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Augmented Reality

It is advances in augmented reality development that inspires the creation of new products, and new markets. And so it was when hardware and software innovations paved the way for AR to disrupt the gaming, media, and advertising markets, among others. But the story of AR has just begun. There is still plenty of room for your page to be written. AppReal-VR is the augmented reality company that can make it happen.

AppReal-VR is ready to be your technology partner, ready to turn your vision into a marketable reality. We are experts in all major AR tools such as Wikitude, Vuforia, Catchoom, ViewAR, and Augment. We also specialize in developing AR solutions for enterprises using AR glasses such as ODG, Vuzix, and others.

While some AR companies specialize in augmented reality app development only, our services extend beyond programming and include performance optimized design. Our capabilities in every aspect of mobile augmented reality development has established AppReal-VR as a full-service AR company.

Because our AR specialists push the boundaries of immersive technology every day, we are well-positioned to help you penetrate this exploding market. A few of our core competencies in the AR space include:

  • Graphic processing
  • Cross-platform and hardware integration
  • Motion sensor technology
  • Advanced augmented reality technology
  • Development of leading-edge augmented reality software
  • Android platform proficiency

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