Augmented Reality in Education-trends

5 Reasons Augmented Education is Sweeping the EdTech World

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Augmented reality education is a hot topic in the EdTech (educational technology) conversation. It’s no secret why. The research shows that AR is increasingly relevant in today’s technological landscape. Both it and virtual reality are quickly entrenching themselves in the modern educator’s toolbox. This happens just as they are becoming a regular part of students’ daily lives at home with the incredible popularity of Pokémon Go and other AR applications.

Virtual Reality Classroom

7 Reasons the Virtual Reality Classroom is the Future of EdTech

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One field where virtual reality and augmented reality hold an enormous amount of potential is in educational technology (EdTech). There are obvious benefits to leveraging these new innovations in keeping students engaged and interested, as well as in developing amazing new types of lesson content. A virtual reality classroom allows kids to fly through space to witness the formation of stars, shrink down to inspect the workings of the human body up close, and do everything in between.

Future of Virtual Reality Medicine

How VR Will Change Our Approach to Health & Well-Being

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The exciting (and frankly long-awaited) strides being made in Virtual Reality over the past 12 months will open up many opportunities for a wide array of industries, from video games to motion pictures. Yet, it’s the healthcare industry, and those who operate within it, that could benefit more than most.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

AR and Healthcare: The Future Is Now

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Some of the great technological advancements of the past 25 years, from CT Scans to wearable technology, have fundamentally changed the way in which patients are diagnosed and treated, and have also dramatically improved the way in which medical practitioners are trained and educated.

How to use Agile for Virtual Reality development

A Guide to Agile for Virtual Reality Programming

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Virtual Reality is perhaps the most talked about computer-related innovation of this decade. The fact that every single individual you come across at least has some basic knowledge of what VR entails is a testament to that fact. Frankly, why wouldn’t it be the talk of the town? It is an innovation that has revolutionized the digitized world in ways that were completely unimaginable for most of us. And now, thanks to the new generation of (almost) affordable VR devices slowly and steadily making their way into the market, Virtual Reality’s popularity has shot straight through the roof.

Virtual Reality for Education and Training

Virtual Reality in Education and Training

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two of the hottest technology trends in development right now. Though  its most visible commercial applications are in the realm of gaming, there are a wealth of companies testing the waters for virtual reality in education for a myriad of ‘serious’ uses. Its potential has already been well exploited in situations such as aviation and flight training, healthcare and medicine, policing and military exercises, but with increasing urgency for practical experiences in education as well as these highly specialized fields, the demand is dictating the future.

Augmented Reality books

10 Augmented Reality Books That Will Blow Your Kid’s Mind

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Augmented reality is a swiftly growing field not only in entertainment, but in education. Augmented reality books are one subset of that field which offer a huge range of opportunities for new development of entertainment and educational models.