Virtual Reality Classroom

7 Reasons the Virtual Reality Classroom is the Future of EdTech

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in Kids

One field where virtual reality and augmented reality hold an enormous amount of potential is in educational technology (EdTech). There are obvious benefits to leveraging these new innovations in keeping students engaged and interested, as well as in developing amazing new types of lesson content. A virtual reality classroom allows kids to fly through space to witness the formation of stars, shrink down to inspect the workings of the human body up close, and do everything in between.

Augmented Reality books

10 Augmented Reality Books That Will Blow Your Kid’s Mind

  • Posted by Yariv Levski in Kids

Augmented reality is a swiftly growing field not only in entertainment, but in education. Augmented reality books are one subset of that field which offer a huge range of opportunities for new development of entertainment and educational models.