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Virtual Reality and Escape Rooms

Why VR Will Transform Escape Rooms

  • Posted by Yariv Levski in VR Technology

A riddle for your noodle: What do you get when you combine trending technology with a live adventure game? If it is virtual reality and escape rooms you are talking about, you get VR escape rooms — the next big thing in real-world adventure gaming.

Unity Developers for Hire at AppReal

7 Golden Rules for Hiring Unity Developers

  • Posted by Yariv Levski in VR Technology

Mobile game development has become big business. With the VR game market expected to reach $45.09 billion by 2025, the mobile game industry is where many investors and innovators, alike, will find their fortunes. Problem is, recognizing the market potential and having the technical skills to exploit it are two different things. Even though Unity — the de facto mobile game development platform — makes game development “easy,” most investors, and more than a few developers, lack the basic skills needed to develop the kind of cutting-edge games that the market demands. The solution for many is to hire a Unity developer to create the goods.

Virtual Reality Immersion - what is it and how it works

VR Immersion: A Step Closer to the Matrix

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

Imagine for a moment putting on a virtual reality headset and feeling physically present in a non-physical environment. Everywhere you look you are met with the engrossing sights and sounds of a completely virtual world, and in the not-too-distant future, this virtual environment will be entirely indistinguishable from our real world.

What is a Full Dive Virtual Reality

Full Dive Virtual Reality – Coming Soon to a Brain Near You

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

Immersive virtual reality has barely cleared the launch pad, but a new technology promises to redefine the VR experience. It’s called full dive virtual reality and it is straight out of science fiction — literally. Full dive virtual reality technology pushes VR beyond immersive headsets and makes the user one with the machine through the use of a Brain Machine Interface, or BMI. You read that right. The age of the cyborg is nearly upon us... almost.

What is a Vitual Reality Environment

VR Environment: What Is It and How Does It Work?

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

Virtual meaning near or proximate, virtual reality can loosely be defined as something near reality or to what we feel and experience. Basically a realm created beyond the scope of the real world via latest computer hardware and software technology is known as a virtual reality. A VR environment, on the other hand, is the overall computer-generated atmosphere created by this latest technology, amplifying characters, objects or situations to create a three-dimensional, more immersive experience.

Unity vs Unreal - Best VR Gaming Platforms

Unity or Unreal – Which Is the Best VR Gaming Platform?

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

2017 is the year of all things Virtual Reality. No longer is the concept of a virtually simulated world an outlandish idea - no. Today, every which where you turn, you’re sure to find something that mentions virtual reality environments or VR game development or even both.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality - Differences and Similarities

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality – Differences and Similarities

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Woody Allen once quipped: "I hate reality but it's still the best place to get a good steak." Perhaps that's true, but with the current investment in both virtual and augmented reality, one might wonder how soon technology will prove Allen wrong. A close examination of the augmented reality vs. virtual reality debate shows it might come sooner than you think.

5 Virtual Reality Components

5 Key Components of Virtual Reality Systems

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

Virtual and Augmented realities are the two hottest trends of the tech-industry in today’s date and time. Regarding creative technology, Virtual Reality takes the cake.

VR Development Best Practices

Best Practices for VR Development: the Art of Integration

  • Posted by Aviram Eisenberg in VR Technology

The world of Virtual Reality has seen an exponential change within the past few months. According to the latest reports, almost $1.2 billion has been invested in the industry in the first quarter of 2016 alone. With such a phenomenal rise in the industry numbers so early in the year, great things are expected for VR/AR in the coming months.