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Unreal Game Developers for Hire

7 Golden Rules for Hiring Unreal Game Developers

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Following the 2016 successful launch of Lineage II: Revolution in its native South Korea, Netmarble Games released a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) version to the global market in May of 2017. It earned $176,000,000 (USD) the first month.

VR Gaming is a Serious Business

5 Reasons VR Gaming is Now a Serious Business

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A survey of more than 4,500 developers attending the recent Game Developers Conference confirmed what we have been telling you for months: virtual reality game development is getting ready to become big business. 39% of game developers surveyed indicated that they are developing for AR/VR devices and platforms, or plan to for their next game.

How to make a VR game for Google Daydream

How to Make a VR Game for Google Daydream

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Virtual reality platforms pose a new challenge for game developers, but they are also an amazing opportunity to deliver new and exciting experiences to players. When compared to high-end desktop offerings such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, mobile VR platforms for Android might seem a little lackluster, but Google’s Daydream platform was made with the goal of providing accessible, high-quality and comfortable mobile VR.

Virtual Reality Gaming Future

The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming is Now

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Jason Rubin, Head of Studios at Oculus VR, expressed his belief that VR forces a paradigm shift in gaming, such has not been seen since the transition from 2D to 3D that was brought about in 1995 by the Sony PlayStation. Although online gaming and mobile gaming each provided players with new and exciting ways to play games, VR takes players past the veil that separates reality from game play and plunges them directly into the game.

How to create your own Virtual Reality Game

How to Create Your Own Virtual Reality Game

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Virtual reality gaming may seem like it belongs to the realms of science fiction, but the truth is you’re now closer than ever to pulling on a virtual reality headset in your own home and escaping into an immersive world of zombies, dragons or car chases thanks to the massive strides in VR development.

Unity vs Unreal - Best VR Gaming Platforms

Unity or Unreal – Which Is the Best VR Gaming Platform?

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2017 is the year of all things Virtual Reality. No longer is the concept of a virtually simulated world an outlandish idea - no. Today, every which where you turn, you’re sure to find something that mentions virtual reality environments or VR game development or even both.

5 Virtual Reality Components

5 Key Components of Virtual Reality Systems

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Virtual and Augmented realities are the two hottest trends of the tech-industry in today’s date and time. Regarding creative technology, Virtual Reality takes the cake.