Apple ARKit healthcare applications

Will ARKit Lead a HealthTech Revolution?

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It could be argued that Apple does not make new things, it just takes things others have invented and then makes them better than anyone else does. IMB created Windows, Apple created the Mac. IBM created the first smartphone, and Apple created the iPhone. In 1968, Ivan Southerland invented the first VR and AR headsets. With the 2017 release of ARKit, Apple stakes claim to “the largest AR platform in the world.”

Virtual Reality Surgery

Virtual Reality Surgery: The Future of Healthcare

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It’s likely that VR technologies will fundamentally disrupt a whole host of industries over the next decade. None, however, will be transformed more than the healthcare industry.

Future of Virtual Reality Medicine

How VR Will Change Our Approach to Health & Well-Being

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The exciting (and frankly long-awaited) strides being made in Virtual Reality over the past 12 months will open up many opportunities for a wide array of industries, from video games to motion pictures. Yet, it’s the healthcare industry, and those who operate within it, that could benefit more than most.

Virtual Reality therapy solutions

6 Greatest Examples of Virtual Reality Therapy

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Virtual Reality is the latest consumer technology to reach a critical mass in the public eye. Well-known media and retail institutions from the Today Show to IKEA have embraced VR. What many people might not know is that the technology has been in use for quite some time in a more noble pursuit. Virtual reality therapy was one of the first applications of VR, and it’s only becoming more effective as technology advances.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

AR and Healthcare: The Future Is Now

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Some of the great technological advancements of the past 25 years, from CT Scans to wearable technology, have fundamentally changed the way in which patients are diagnosed and treated, and have also dramatically improved the way in which medical practitioners are trained and educated.

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Virtual Reality for Medicine: a Game Changing Technology

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Many industries have come on leaps and bounds thanks to great technological advancement, but none more so than the medical industry. Diagnostic medicine, surgical procedures, and even patient administration have all been fundamentally transformed thanks to new technologies.

Virtual reality business ideas and opportunities for 2018

10 Virtual Reality Business Opportunities Poised to Explode

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Last year, we forecasted the growth of virtual reality in 10 major sectors, including education, military, video games, live events, real estate, healthcare, interactive desktop applications, social VR, project collaboration and engineering. Not only has VR development and market adoption in each of those areas been strong, but 2017 is seeing the continued expansion of virtual reality into new and existing markets.