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Virutal Reality in the Military

Virtual Reality Uses in the Military

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Virtual reality is a term that describes the technological mimicry of the real and imaginative worlds in a computerized, interactive environment. VR is a completely immersive, all-encompassing visual and sound-based experience for its audiences.

Virtual Reality Sensors

The Most Important Virtual Reality Sensors and Why They Matter

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Not so long ago we’d be sitting on buses or in boring meetings twiddling our thumbs. These days, our thumbs are a little busier thanks to our ever present companion, the smartphone.

Virtual Reality Motion Tracking

A Brief Guide to VR Motion Tracking Technology

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Entering a virtual environment without using motion tracking technology really doesn’t bear thinking about. You see, motion tracking, which is the digitizing of movement so as to be used by computers, is vitally important for creating a top quality Virtual Reality experience.

Virutal Reality Automotive

Virtual Reality Set to Supercharge the Automotive Industry

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As the purveyors of a high ticket item, automotive manufacturers and retailers have always been more than happy to experiment with new technology in the pursuit of profit. Today’s car buyers are more savvy and more careful than ever before, and virtual reality is the most recent tool being used to keep cars rolling off the line and into consumers’ driveways.

Virtual Reality Surgery

Virtual Reality Surgery: The Future of Healthcare

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It’s likely that VR technologies will fundamentally disrupt a whole host of industries over the next decade. None, however, will be transformed more than the healthcare industry.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

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We are on the cusp of a massive shift in how technology impacts the way we live, work, and play. Big business disruption is coming, and at the heart of it will be virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Guesture recognition technology for Virtual Reality

Gesture Recognition and Its Importance in VR

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In the current era, there exist, not one but several interfaces that have created intuitive and natural ways of human-computer communication. With the increase in computational developments and technical knowledge, the concept of interaction between mechanical devices and humans has enriched exponentially and given way to very sophisticated technologies.

Collaborative Virtual Environment - how to create

Collaborative Virtual Environment – How It Works?

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The coming age of digital immersion drives the global market for virtual and augmented reality. Fast-paced and fast-growing industries, every sector and major company is jumping on the AR/VR bandwagon, determined to bring the consumer world bigger, better opportunities. As such, it comes as no surprise that the latest industry reports estimate enormous successes in the coming years. The international market for virtual realities was recently valued at USD 1.37 Billion but is expected to grow exponentially to reach a projected value of USD 33.90 Billion in six short years. If that doesn’t put the growing trends of VR technology in perspective, we aren’t sure what will.

Future of Virtual Reality Medicine

How VR Will Change Our Approach to Health & Well-Being

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The exciting (and frankly long-awaited) strides being made in Virtual Reality over the past 12 months will open up many opportunities for a wide array of industries, from video games to motion pictures. Yet, it’s the healthcare industry, and those who operate within it, that could benefit more than most.