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Hire the Leading AR Game Development Company

Augmented reality game development is poised to dominate the gaming industry. Thanks to advances in both hardware and software, a wealth of opportunities awaits augmented reality game developers and investors.

As VR gaming takes second position, the smart focus in game development is on bringing groundbreaking AR games to a voracious market.

AR Gaming Market Ready to Surge

How voracious? According to industry experts, AR game development will fuel a $284.93 billion market by 2023. With the AR gaming sector growing at a CAGR of 152.7% during the forecast period of 2017–2023, you could say that is a market worth considering.

The walloping potential of AR games should come as no surprise. In 2017, Pokémon Go marked 720 million downloads, pushing the game’s revenue to $1.2 billion. If chasing small virtual creatures across busy streets and through fast food restaurants yields that level of interest — dare we say obsession, we can only assume that better games will attract an even greater following.

AR Game Development Strategies

But satisfying the AR gaming market will not be easy. If you want your piece of the emerging AR gaming market, you need more than a great game idea, you must be proficient in a multitude of cutting-edge technologies. Among the disciplines that must be merged to produce the next generation of augmented reality games are these:

  1. Gaming technology
  2. Mobile app development
  3. Augmented reality technology
  4. App deployment and marketing expertise

Not many companies possess the unique combinations of skills necessary to pull off a commercially viable AR game. For those that have the ideas and the financial resources, but not the technical capability, there is AppReal.

AppReal — The AR Game Development Experts

AppReal is a leading provider of AR game development services. Companies around the globe, from startups to multinational corporations, have chosen AppReal as their technology partner — and for good reason. We have all of the resources inhouse to take AR games from concept to market. With six R&D labs conveniently located across Western Europe, we can efficiently serve your outsource development needs.

Our Process

When you partner with us, we are prepared to drive your project from start to finish. Since we follow the Agile methodology, your project will reflect the transparency and flexibility you deserve, at the competitive rates you need.

Your project will progress through 7 basic steps:

  • Development of AR game concept
  • Development of storyboards
  • Game design
  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Deployment
  • Post-deployment upgrades and support

As a full-service outsource provider, we can handle as much or as little of your project as you want us to.

AR Game Development by AppReal

ARKit demo app by AppReal
How to make ARKit apps.

Our Capabilities

AppReal employs some of the best developers in the world. The diversity of our teams enables us to expertly target whatever platform you want, including iOS, Android, Tango, or others.

Augmented reality gaming means different things to different people. For some, it means frivolously fun, low-budget games. For others, it means photo-realistic multiplayer games that make the headlines. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

And you can be assured, as soon as new technology is ready for gaming, we’re ready to exploit it to the fullest. Be it the latest advances in haptic feedback technology, cloud-based gaming, or high-res 3D, we turn cutting-edge technology into groundbreaking games.

Have a AR/VR Project in Mind? We Are Here to Discuss


Our Core Technologies

A game is only as exciting as the tools used to create it. At AppReal, we don’t just rely on SDKs to build games. We have all the coolest stuff any developer could want, and we know how to use it.

Here is a list of the core technologies and products we utilize. We will suggest to you what will work best for your game.

  • ARKit: Apple’s AR development platform, designed to create AR apps for iPhone and iPad.
  • ARCore: Google’s AR development platform.
  • Unity: The leading game engine.
  • Wikitude: A cross-platform SDK that targets cloud-based resources.
  • Vuforia: The world’s most widely used AR development platform.
  • OpenCV: Open Source Computer Vision Library, aimed at real-time computer vision processing.
  • Vuzix: Provider of AR and VR viewer technology.
  • ViewAR: Allows combining multiple AR, VR, and mixed reality technologies in one platform.


AppReal combines AR and mobile game technologies to produce next-generation, commercially viable AR games. If our capabilities align with your objectives, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.


5 responses to “Hire the Leading AR Game Development Company”

  1. Kevin Whitehead says:

    Create your own augmented reality game from scratch.. that’s my purpose. AR game development company its so hard to find (like yours and what I’ve seen here its fascinating for me) since we know that AR is relatively new platform or technology. I am innovating and exploring the latest and actually the most promising trends of AR gaming in the industry. For in-house augmented reality development I use Unity 3D engine. As a functionality for programmers like me it also has similar opportunities for the end users.

    I have choose augmented reality since 2011 when in that time we could have been counted on a one-hand fingers.

    Its obvious.. AR solutions are currently being developed on a massive way and in the coming years we will see more beginnings and improvements, since the largest players like Apple and Google supported this technology with ARKit toolkit and Tango project.

  2. Ernest Lawrence says:

    Hello. Since I’ve read the article I need some infos … do you build a mobile games and apps with AR features using native device features? And, do your developers have the freedom to extend their vision above the limits?

  3. Deborah says:

    Hey there. My name is Deborah and since my younger son (David) - he is only 8 - is already into technology, on ex. my generation had only old computers, flippers or nintendo and later play station to be able to play something, and guys wait before you can judge! I was a game girl that time 🙂 … but our children who are born in this millennial are going to another dimension with the augmented reality. Yesterday he showed me some game on yt, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a1dhJy-7Es … he is getting so exited when is watching this game, because you can control it from your tablet or phone I guess. You have my email address now and I would like to establish contact with your team to know if you are ready to help me with augmented reality technology. Thanks in advance!


  4. Danny Collins says:

    The process of harnessing this tool - especially requires skill, intense education in its many complex assets and you must have extensive experience in a range of specialties. By having a specialist (expert, professional) take on this task to save you money and time, as well as to improve the final result - not just me, but also others will say that this is the key. Those professionals are equipped with a various range of skills, levels, backgrounds, and types of education needed to successfully build your project. AR now is being used everywhere! I also believe in your developing skills…meanwhile I’ve met some of the AR developers on the freelancing pages, but still I do prefer a group or company just like yours to build the desired game. Right now I am imagining the game in the way it should be. Doesn’t mean that the “single” developers are bad or that I am skeptic about one developer - but I prefer a team, team that can make something remarkable. Greetings…

  5. Codi Taylor says:

    Augmented Reality is changing the way we use and interact with technology, as I am your loyal fan, hence I am following you because I have seen so many new things here I couldn’t found on the other websites that are AR game development companies. As I am so exited from your efforts and work, I am planning to build an AR game in which users itself will turn their mobile screen into a stone age time period. I truly believe that your company will help me achieve my goals and my thoughts as well.


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