Boosting Your Sales with Augmented Reality

Global augmented reality market gains are projected to top $133.8 billion by 2021. While much of that growth will be driven by demand for AR applications in the retail and automotive industries, it is safe to say that AR will leave few sectors untouched. Whether your business is only slightly affected by the AR revolution or experiences full disruption, there is one question you should be asking: How can augmented reality be used to grow sales?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a VR App?

The virtual reality market is projected to reach $30 billion by 2020. While tech giants and gaming power houses may very well dominate the field, startups by the score will no doubt seize their fair share of market revenue. However, before sales, before marketing, before development must come the question: How much does virtual reality development cost?

Google Daydream - the Best Chosen Platform for VR Video

If virtual reality video was looking for a place to play, it just found it. The Google Daydream mobile platform has barely hit the shelves and is already expected to capture the VR video market. The list of VR content providers poised to offer VR content for Daydream is impressive, and includes Netflix VR, HBO VR, The Wall Street Journal, and, of course, YouTube VR. And that’s just the short list.

15 Augmented Reality Trends We’re Predicting for 2017

As we wrap up 2016, we look back on a year of uncertainty. The question of AR versus VR remained a topic among investors and innovators alike. The challenge of mainstream adoption of either platform seemed unresolved. And, to be honest, it seemed that we just didn’t know to do with immersive technologies. What 2016 did give us, with certainty, is a much clearer perspective on the augmented reality trends that will drive both investment and innovation in 2017.

Virtual Reality Changes the Game for Online Casinos

Forget what you know about online casinos, the game is about to change. The power of virtual reality technology is transforming online casinos into immersive, interactive experiences that are the next best thing to being there. Although social gaming and online gambling platforms have grown loyal customer bases over the last decade, VR casinos will soon begin to siphon off gamers and gamblers, alike, from 2D and 3D gambling platforms.

Virtual Reality Uses in the Military

Virtual reality is a term that describes the technological mimicry of the real and imaginative worlds in a computerized, interactive environment. VR is a completely immersive, all-encompassing visual and sound-based experience for its audiences.

Markerless vs. Marker Based Augmented Reality

Completely revolutionizing the digital spectrum, Augmented Reality integrates a user’s surrounding environment with a digitized live image or picture in real time producing a spectacular virtual result.

The Most Important Virtual Reality Sensors and Why They Matter

Not so long ago we’d be sitting on buses or in boring meetings twiddling our thumbs. These days, our thumbs are a little busier thanks to our ever present companion, the smartphone.

The Way We Walk in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows us to enjoy new, immersive experiences – we could be world-class runners, footballers or even soldiers serving in a special military unit. To fully become immersed in these experiences, the VR equipment should cover our entire body and all of our senses. There have been many advances in these fields; in this article, we will focus on walking in VR, and the upcoming gadgets which enable us to transmit our real-world leg movements into the virtual world.