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What is Google Daydream for VR and Why Is It Hot?

Virtual reality has been expanding at an exponential rate as of late. One of the top companies taking an active role within the VR sphere is Google, alongside other tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft. However, that’s not to say that it is just breaking ground in VR. Google is by no means a novice within the virtual reality spectrum. In fact, it has already established itself – quite firmly we might add- by providing millions of users with a device which essentially turns any smartphone in VR device aka the Google Cardboard headset.

However, Google’s recently decided to kick things up a notch, or four.

In an event held this week, Google introduced the world to a whole host of products, including Daydream View.

What is Google Daydream?

In the words of Google’s own VR expert, Clay Bavor, Daydream is a ‘platform for high-quality, mobile virtual reality.’ It’s an operating system for VR much like the Android (Mobile OS). More than that, it is a hybrid device that seamlessly brings together a high-tech smartphone and a VR headset.

What is Google Daydream

Google Daydream View – mobile VR headset
Source: Google.com

Set to launch in the market in November of this year, at a very affordable price-point, Google’s Daydream VR headset is said to offer an incredibly powerful immersive experience to its users, rivaling the best in the industry. Though the claim remains unfounded until it’s been tried and tested by the masses, at just $79, Daydream View is a considerably inexpensive way to turn a phone in a VR viewer.

For the moment Google’s upcoming Pixel phones are the first phones of their kind compatible to work with Daydream, a whole host of Daydream phones will be available from its various partners in the near future.This is a move that’s guaranteed to help mobile manufacturers sell more devices when they launch in the subsequent months supporting this OS.

Here’s a look at some of the key features of Google’s Daydream View.

Google Daydream View Features

The Comfortable Design

First, let’s talk about the headset’s design. By the company’s own standards, the VR headset is a design that attempts to solve many of the issues that other headsets pose.

Unlike conventional gears available in the market today, the Daydream gives extreme precedence to wearability of the device. Crafted from soft microfiber and other clothing and athletic-wear fabrics, the headset is significantly comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Moreover, it is also 30 percent lighter in weight than some of the similar devices. If that wasn’t enough to display Google’s attention to detail, the fact that the headset is designed in such a way that it fits easily over glasses, speaks volumes.

The Ease of Use

Moving on, another point in Daydream’s favor is its apparent ease of use. Wirelessly connecting with your smartphone, both the headset and the phone auto-align together via Bluetooth. The front-latch system ensures that the phone sits comfortably within the designated space as well as keeping it protected. No chargers, or bulky connecting wires hinder with your immersive VR experience when using Google’s Daydream.

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Google Daydream Controller

Daydream’s interaction and accessibility are the markers of a popular device. Not only does this headset require no wires forever tangling together, it also comes equipped with a very handy accessory, the Daydream Controller.

A fairly small and simple to use touch remote control, the Daydream controller has a few touchable buttons and a whole lot of sensors imbedded within it to facilitate the user. It allows you to directly interact with the virtual reality device without cables and make movements that are pretty much unimaginable with any of the headsets available in the market today.

The multiple sensors within the remote control allow the controller to respond accordingly to moving, swinging, pointing as well as aiming gestures. In fact, the leader of Google’s VR team, Bavor, is of the opinion that you can very concisely draw and even write legibly with the Daydream Controller. And when you’re done using your VR headset, you can stow the controller right into the front-latch where it snuggly fits in its place.

Daydream VR Apps and Games

Not only does Google hope to have 50 completely established apps launching with the device in November, hundreds more are expected to join in within the following months.

Applications such as Google Play Movies, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, amongst various others will allow users to have full access to complete application libraries, amplifying their immersive experience tenfold.

What’s more, there are a number of exciting collaborations that will make the Daydream View a hot commodity. Collaborations such as the unique partnership with Warner Brothers into J.K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them world where users become wizards capable of casting spells and levitating things just by moving their wands (VR controllers).

Suffice it to say, that by introducing the Daydream VR platform, Google’s pretty much changed the game for virtual reality content development, forever.

The Business Potential of Google’s Daydream

Google’s Daydream certainly has a lot of potential for growth for games and other entertainment content developers. However, what’s unrecognized at the moment is that it also a whole new world of opportunity for businesses and brands for product development and marketing purposes. Its accessibility, ease of use and affordability are some very strong points that will work favorably in creating a solid space for Daydream within the VR market. What’s more, if the Google event is anything to go by, the game and app possibilities with Daydream View are near endless. From just the fact that the Daydream apps are likely to be developed as Mobile apps, it’s safe to assume that the Google’s new VR ecosystem will have the richest content options in the market.

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For businesses, small or large, Daydream View opens up doors to an unimaginable amount of opportunities to expand within the virtual reality realm. Google’s Daydream Access Program is the perfect example of said opportunities. While the affordability is likely to attract a huge adolescent and teenage audience, the ease of use will bring in the technologically-challenged lot allowing business owners easy accessibility to them all. In fact, there’s every chance that the Daydream View headset just might become the number one most popular VR headset by the first quarter of the year 2017.

Daydream will support everything from educational apps to games, journalistic features and more. In the Daydream View VR space, there seems to be room for everyone and more and business-owners would do well by jumping on this particular bandwagon immediately.

AppReal-VR – Google Daydream Developers

With its new range of products, Google hasn’t just created an entire universe of prospects for business owners. It has also given game and application developers a new platform to focus on.

The release of Daydream is expected to cause a sudden surge in demand for highly qualified and skilled game and application developers to produce content for it. VR is the ‘new mobile’.

This is where VR development labs like AppReal-VR come in the picture. With an arsenal of app and game developers at our disposal, AppReal-VR is a firm well-equipped to deal with the exponential growth within the industry. From virtual reality development, to providing cross-platform integrated solutions for your apps and games, we do it all. What’s more, in cases you already own a personalized app and feel like it’s the right time to expand to virtual reality, AppReal-VR can, and will convert your existing application into a VR compatible app.

If you’re looking to become a part of the expansive world of Google’s Daydream View virtual reality experience, contact our VR development experts today.


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