Augmented Reality Marketing

10 Real World Examples of AR Marketing Success

One of the biggest impacts AR has made in the commercial sector is in marketing and advertising. Augmented reality marketing was nearly unheard of 5 years ago, and today is de rigeur among huge organizations and tiny mom-and-pop shops alike.

Virtual Reality Advertising Campaigns

7 Fantastically Creative Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns

Even before the release of Pokémon GO, augmented reality was a term on the tip of everyone’s tongue. AR combines the futuristic flash of virtual reality with a high degree of accessibility, as AR apps are typically based on smartphones rather than dedicated gear.

Virtual Reality Marketing Trends

VR Marketing: The Marketing Industry’s Next Big Thing

The disruptive effects of Virtual Reality, or VR, on industries across the board is on its way. Advances in VR technology are rapidly redefining what Virtual Reality can do and whose lives it will impact. No longer is it a novel entertainment platform. VR, you see, is growing up fast with ambitions to change the world. While that vision may not be fully realized for some time, Virtual Reality is poised, for certain, to transform the world of marketing.