Hire Google Daydream Developer - 5 Tips to Know

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Daydream VR Developer

Google Daydream could be the future of Virtual Reality. And it’s set to launch very, very soon. Arriving in November 2016, it promises to unlock a world of simple, accessible, and high quality VR. This will be achieved through the Daydream platform, Daydream-ready smartphones such as the Pixel, and specialist hardware such as the Daydream View headset.

Virtual Reality Job Opportunities

8 Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Job Opportunities

It’s now a well-known fact that Virtual Reality is the technology of the future. With bright prospects, and estimated industry finance revenue growths projected to touch the right side of $120 billion in the next 4 years, it’s safe to say that VR is a good bet. Not just from an investment point of view, though, that certainly will pay off.

Google Daydream - Virtual reality for the masses

Why is Google Daydream the Beginning of Mass Market VR?

Although it was just announced a short time ago at the 2016 Made by Google event, the new Daydream VR platform is already making big waves in the tech industry. The Daydream View head-mounted display, along with the Pixel phones that fit it, represent a radical shift in design philosophy for Google.

Virutal Reality Automotive

Virtual Reality Set to Supercharge the Automotive Industry

As the purveyors of a high ticket item, automotive manufacturers and retailers have always been more than happy to experiment with new technology in the pursuit of profit. Today’s car buyers are more savvy and more careful than ever before, and virtual reality is the most recent tool being used to keep cars rolling off the line and into consumers’ driveways.

Hiring Virtual Reality developers

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Virtual Reality Developer

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are projected to be worth in excess of $120bn by 2020, and the technology will undoubtedly become a must-have for many businesses. But how do you make sure you are hiring the right VR developer for your project?

Augmented Reality App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AR App?

The mixed reality industry is likely to be by far the most profitable industry for this decade. The former is a statement that’s been repeated and re-said countless times over the past couple years. However, now the projected numbers wholly support the claim.

Investing in Virtual Reality

Why It’s Smart to Invest in Virtual Reality

Although the road certainly had some stumbling blocks and potholes, technology market analysts can now say with confidence that virtual reality is here to stay. VR has not only captured the public imagination with the pure wonder and delight of entering the digital world, it shows real promise to change the world for the better with its countless (and lucrative!) applications to industries ranging from manufacturing to medicine. At long last, the question has changed from whether VR is worth investment, to how to invest in virtual reality.

Augmented Reality in Retail and Shopping

How Augmented Reality Benefits Retail and Shopping

The technological world is changing fast, and as ever, retailers and marketers are doing their best to keep up. More and more, harnessing new tech innovations to provide the best shopping experience is key to success in the retail industry. One buzzword that has risen to the top lately is augmented reality shopping, but not everyone is clear on just what that means.

Best Virtual Reality Startups for 2016

15 Best Virtual Reality Startups to Watch in 2016

Virtual Reality (VR), which uses state of the art motion sensing and speech recognition software to immerse users in a digital experience, is probably one of the most anticipated technologies currently approaching the market. Because a VR system uses much of the same hardware as mobile devices, it’s easy for Virtual Reality startups to come up with products using tools that they are already familiar with.

Virtual Reality Business

10 Virtual Reality Business Opportunities Poised to Explode

Seldom has the road to fame and fortune been so well paved as it is for those who will drive the VR revolution. The signs are all there. The direction is clear. A prosperous journey is nearly assured. All that is needed is a new generation of innovators to chart the course. A wealth of virtual reality business opportunities lie just ahead for those willing to do so.